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New Style Blocks

Our top-selling blocks are designed to fit together seamlessly, like Lego® bricks. Whether you're building retaining walls or bunker walls, the possibilities with these blocks are truly limitless.

  • Dimensions: 4' ✖ 2' ✖ 2'

  • Weight: 2500lbs each


Old Style Blocks

These blocks are designed to connect at the ends, making them ideal for lining up in rows. The hooks are cleverly inset in the tops of the blocks, giving them a sleek appearance.

  • Dimensions: 4' ✖ 2' ✖ 2'

  • Weight: 2500lbs each


Flat Tops

These blocks share similarities with the new style blocks, but they don't have the nubs. They can be placed on top of the new style blocks, making them an excellent choice for finishing the top of a wall, or for non stacking applications.

  • Dimensions: 4' ✖ 2' ✖ 2'

  • Weight: 2500lbs each


Half Blocks

These half blocks have the same shape as the old style ones, but they are half the size. They can be used as end caps for walls, providing a flat exposed side.

  • Dimensions: 2' ✖ 2' ✖ 2'

  • Weight: 1250lbs each

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